Atok Adi & Cerita-Cerita Dongengnya: Kucing Kreatif

Directed By: Adi Jamaludin

Atok Adi dan Cerita-Cerita Dongengnya is a series of stories that features Atok Adi as the storyteller. Atok Adi loves to write story during his spare time. His stories are usually based on things that one may find in nature. Sometimes, he will then mix these stories with scientific formulations and theories. Other times, he will just throw in multiple 'peribahasa' and 'pantun' into the mix.

In this first story, Atok Adi will dive into his repertoire of original stories, and present to the young audience one of his favourite original works - Kucing Kreatif, a story of how a cat helps a village to overcome great challenges with his unique creative-thinking techniques. Young audience will be exposed to a creative thinking techniques - 'the 3 Ifs'. They will also be introduced to the forefathers of creative thinking such as Graham Wallas.

The hybrid performance will allow students to interact and participate in the different activities and games with Atok Adi "live" via the virtual space or face-to-face.

Language: Bahasa Melayu
Shows: This is an on-going programme for primary schools that runs every year. Please contact us to make a booking.